Dick Hiorns was born January 29, 1922 in Mount Greenwood, Illinois. By the early 1940s, he was an up and coming country and western star with a talent for yodelling. Young and handsome, he quickly had a following and thanks to Elsie Henry, his fan club grew. Dick cut a few records in his time on the Aristrocrat and Cuca labels, including a version of Hank Snow's "I'm Moving On." He never achieved the fame he strived for in his life, but never stopped singing either. I remember driving with my mom down to Peru, Indiana one year to catch him at one of his later gigs, and just missed him in San Jose, California a few years later. He travelled the country singing his music and was always a hit. He died February 28, 2002. My mother remained a lifelong fan and friend. His sister Florence said he is buried in the National Veterans Cemetery in Riverside, California.