MARYANN ALBACH was The Yodeling Cowgirl and sang for a season on the WLS National Barn Dance. Daughter Leah writes that she was also a square dancer on the program down at the 8th Street Theatre in Chicago, which broadcast the show. She was offered the opportunity to go on the road with the Barn Dance, but "good girls" didn't do such things back then and her mother said no. That pretty much ended her career as a yodeler. But she had sung with the Windy City Ramblers and ended up marrying Tom Nayder. They met at the Gage Park Field House in Chicago back in the 1930s. They had five children, and Leah says  her mother still did some yodeling even when she was on oxygen therapy toward the end of her life.

Listen to The Yodeling Cowgirl sing Montana Plains!
The Yodeling Cowgirl